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hidden camera horror. hundreds of women come forward fearing their gynecologist videotaped them in the exam room. tonight top ranked johns hopkins hospital could face millions of dollars in lawsuits. hello i am denise coke. here is what people are talking about tonight. a local gynecologist commits suicide. now police are sorting through a huge number of secret images of patients found in his home. lawyers are lining up to seek compensation. mike helm glen has the latest. >> reporter: more than 300 patients have called the police
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hotline over concerns they were secretly videotaped at johns hopkins. they are rushing to lawyers. jonathan took out ads he spent the day speaking to dozens of former patients now his clients. >> fear, outrage, betrayal, breach of faith. my clients come into me and they are asking all kinds of questions. well, he made secret images of us what did he do with them. >> reporter: he represented victims of delaware pediatrician who videotaped himself abusing children. >> they have an affirmative, ongoing obligation to vet these doctors. >> reporter: johns hopkins refused to make anyone available for an interview. they said in a statement words cannot express how deeply sorry we are for every patient whose privacy may have been violated. one former patient claims he flirted with her causing her to
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switch doctors. >> what made you uneasy about him? >> the way that he would you know say certain things. >> reporter: hopkins says coworkers contacted security about the doctor february 4th, soon after they found evidence to have secret recordings. he was fired february 8th. he committed suicide in his home earlier this week. police believe there are many victims. >> there had to be red flags. this doctor was imbalanced. >> reporter: police do not know how many victims there are at this point and they are working with federal officials to sift through a large amount of evidence. reporting from east baltimore, wedge wedge eyewitness news. doctor levee worked at the east baltimore medical center since 1988. >> police did not have the permission to use the facility where a trainee was used, during a training accident. the city was not authorized to
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train at the former rosewood center. last week a trainee was shot in the head there. the officer mistook his service weapon for a training gun. an extravagant misuse of money. former congressman, jesse jackson junior pleads guilty to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash on luxury items. megan has more on the fall of a promising politician. >> reporter: jesse jackson junior was a congressman for 17 years now he faces years behind bars. amid-a crush of people, he emerges from federal court in dc after pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges. >> sorry i let everybody down. >> reporter: in tears in front of a judge. with his father in the front row he admitted to spending three quarters of a million dollars in campaign funds to finance his lavish lifestyle.
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he spent $60,000 at restaurants and night clubs, $43,000 on a rolex watch and $14,000 on dry cleaning. >> it is clear he became convinced his campaign account could be used to satisfy any personal whim he had. >> reporter: his wife sandra also pled guilty for filing false tax returns. she failed to report $600,000 in income. he resigned from congress last november. he has been treated at the mayo clinic for bi-polar disorder. >> those health issues are directly related to his present predicament. that is not an excuse just the fact. >> reporter: jackson agreed to pay back $750,000 in campaign funds including money he spent on travel and meals with a mistress, he will be sentenced in june. under the plea agreement jackson faces up to 5 years behind bars. during the hearing today the judge warned him he does not
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need to follow those guidelines. reporting live, megan mccorkle wedge wedge eyewitness news. >> sandra jackson will be sentenced july 1st. tens of thousands of maryland jobs are on the line with massive budget cuts looming in washington. president obama is appealing to congress to stop the automatic cuts. >> reporter: there is no question that here at the white house the new cycle has been about budget cuts. at the white house the president and senior staff continued to warn congress if action is not take on the country is in danger of having to furlough thousands of government employees. the ball is clearly in their court. >> what i say, there is no reason they should be furloughed or lose their job or
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be laid off. this is a problem congress can solve. these automatic spending cuts put into place in 2011, were designed to get congress to actually avoid them by coming together with more sensible approaches to deficit reduction. >> reporter: this will likely be a close one. >> i don't know why it is in this town folks leave stuff until the last minute. there is no other profession, no other industry, where people wait until the 11th hour to solve these big problems. obviously it creates uncertainty in our economy. >> reporter: how badly would maryland be effected? the state is home to 17 military bases and 60 nonmilitary federal facilities. if those budget cuts do go through, education will be among the hardest hit in the state of maryland we could lose $55 million in funding for next year. now back to you on television
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hill. republicans do not agree with the president's approach to the looming budget crisis. they say he is focusing too much on raising taxes not enough on cutting spending. well, investigators are sifting through the rubble of a kansas city restaurant to find the source of a deadly explosion. a nearby surveillance camera recorded the blast. fire officials confirmed there was an accident at a nearby construction site but would not say if that set off the explosion. one person was killed 15 more injured. a winter storm moving through the area is expected to complicate the investigation. much of the nation is bracing for that massive storm. 30 million people in 18 states could feel the impact. a pga golf event in arizona experienced a rare snow delay. it will move our way by friday. bob has more on what we could see in first warning weather. tonight, the high tech system that gives us early
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storm warnings is in jeopardy. a scramble against time to replace the weather satellites that predicted super storm sandy and snowmageddon. the satellites may not be ready for years. >> reporter: that is the reality denise. experts and scientists are saying now is the time to replace these aging satellites. hurricane katrina caused billions in damage in new orleans and the gulf coast in 2005. the infamous storm known as snowmageddon dumped record amounts of powder in 2010. recently hurricane sandy, level d parts of the jersey shore all these would have been more devastating without advanced warning. >> a lot of them are taking images, measuring water vapour. >> reporter: there are renewed warnings about america's aging satellite networks. the noah and other agent is
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hes, say the ones in jeopardy are the polar orbiting satellites. they give scientists the most detailed views. >> some are starting to fail. there is a delay in getting the next generation of satellites up there. if they fail before the newer satellites there will be a gap. >> reporter: predicting when a satellite will fail is like predicting when a ght bulb will go out. when one goes out those who rely on it for long range forecasting will be in the dark. it is critical information, that allows forecasters and elected leaders to plan for emergency response. evacuations and more. >> having capability to launch new satellites to take their place as they age is important. >> reporter: current estimates to replace the satellites stand $15 billion, that high cost is part of reason for the red tape and delay. >> thank you. replacement for the polar
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orbiting satellite is not expected unstill 2017. -- until 2017. another encouraging sign maryland students are best prepared in the nation. more maryland students passed ap exams last year than any other state in the nation. more african american students in maryland passed the exams than ever before. hotel horror. how guest complaints about low water pressure lead to a murder investigation downtown los angeles. a mother arrested for the entertainer she hired at heifer son's birthday -- at her son's birthday party. someone in maryland is walking around with a $26 million lottery ticket. wintery end to the week. i will have a complete first warning forecast coming up next
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>> it is clear and 25 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. firefighters in china are faced with saving a 2-year-old boy trapped inside a washing machine. they were called to the home after the mother could not get him out. they had to take apart the machine and discovered the
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plastic basket was still around him. once they cut through it they were able to pull him free. a gruesome discovery inside a water tank on the roof of a los angeles hotel. a women's body was found after guests complained of low water pressure. she is elsie lam a missing canadian tourist the 21-year- old was staying at the hotel earlier this month. the hotel relocated most guests those who stayed were given strict instructions. >> don't bathe, don't do anything with the water don't turn it on. that is what we were told. >> disgusting. water i drank and brushed my teeth with. >> tests on the water are due back tomorrow police are trying to determine if the tourist's death was caused by foul play or an accident. prosecutors in the murder trial, back off allegations that steroids were found in the olympians home. they withdrew testimony from the lead detective saying the substance has not been
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analyzed. he claims he shot his girlfriend accidentally. the hearing will continue tomorrow with final arguments. lance armstrong refuses to testify under oath about taking performance enhancing drugs. the u.s. anti doping agent ski set today as the day to -- agency set today as the day to testify. armstrong's attorney said his client is only interested in talking to an international tribunal. a mother in new york is facing charges because of the birthday party she threw for her 16-year-old son. she hired strippers to entertain her son and friends at a bowling alley in november. the intimate dances were performed in front of boys as young as 13. the mother is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. the search is on for the owner of a winning mega
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millions lottery ticket bought here in maryland. where it was sold and more on the excitement surrounding the mystery winner. >> reporter: somewhere in maryland, someone is sitting on a mega million jackpot ticket worth $26 million. this gas station is where it was sold. >> i was shocked. i didn't know it was here. >> i have never been to one of the places that sold anything quite like this. >> reporter: some regulars are wishing they had taken a gamble sooner. >> i was thinking this week $26 million maybe i should buy a ticket and didn't. >> reporter: gas station staff may be tight lipped about the $26,000 they are getting for selling the winning ticket but it is no secret this place is a lucky charm. >> mega million tickets are sold in 44 states, and the odds of winning the jackpot, 175.7 million to 1. >> we are very excited.
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>> reporter: the mystery winner has 182 days to claim the cash prize they can take $665,000 a year for 26 years or get $12.6 million after taxes. >> it is a win win win every way you look at it. the retailer certainly whoever won that ticket in the state of maryland. >> the state cashs in too they get $1.6 million in taxes. as for the mystery winner, millions are lining up to be just like you. the last time maryland had a winner was march 2012. in mount airy. now the maryland lottery says if you have the winning ticket make sure you sign your name on the back. that is the only way to climb the prize. president obama was not the only major political figure. vick carter got to meet at the white house beau who was gracious enough to meet with the media today. the first dog, was taking a
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walk along the grounds enjoying the sunny, but somewhat chilly afternoon got his picture taken by vick. he has been with the first family since april 2009. i remember they said it doesn't shed. >> very sweet, smart dogs, don't shed. >> good if you have allergies too. >> adorable. >> i already have my dog. >> i am going bowling after the news. but -- >> stop. >> my stage manager got a laugh. 25, 17, it is cold out that dew point way down at 9 degrees. barometer is rising. 12 degrees above in oakland. a couple inches of snow. 23 cumberland, 27 dc. we have a range here from 30 to 12 across the state. that is why we call maryland
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america in the nature. low to mid-20s it will get colder overnight. we have the breeze 17-mile an hour breeze making it feel like the mid-teens still around the area, 13-mile an hour winds, oakland, zero, 9 in cumberland. now there is a low pressure as you mentioned snow across much of kansas, oklahoma, iowa, missouri, st. louis. the main low will head way out to our west. we are not too concerned about that. another one will form off the atlantic coast, late friday night and saturday. this moisture heads toward our region it will be cold enough friday afternoon for some snow, sleet, freezing rain and then as the low forms off the east coast we will see the winds come back off the ocean, warm air and then just plain rain, cold rain here expected on saturday. we could see pretty good amount of rain. low pressure redeveloping off
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the coast, dying off across the great lakes. snow to the north of us saturday but we expect mild air to come in and change it to just rainy, cold, start to the weekend. winds in the bay tomorrow still strong. small craft advisory through late tonight and tomorrow. bay temp 38 degrees. overnight, clear, breezy, 20 degrees, about 6 to 7 below normal, 37 degrees for a high, sunshine but still breezy and considered quite cold. next 5 days looking ahead to friday, snow, sleet, freezing rain, 38 and the 32 but warming to 42 with rain on saturday. it will clear out late saturday night into sunday. partly sunny skies warmer, 46 and 48 as we start next week with partly cloudy skies. coming up, a cold night for college lacrosse. that doesn't stop a couple of the teams in town. mark has the latest
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mark is here with the fan sports report. we will have a great season i just feel it. >> you don't believe those predictions from those magazines. >> no, they need to stop making those predictions. >> the os made a big splash with that playoff run last season. tomorrow they get a visit from the king of the swimming pool.
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michael phelps will hang out with them down in florida. he is also a ravens fan. his support paid off for the purple birds for sure. the action starts to heat up today the os split the team for a couple intrasquad games. it is beginning to look a lot like baseball. jj hardy says the guys can't wait for real game action. >> i mean we always look forward to the start of the games, usually, a week or two into it you get tired of it and then it is three, four weeks, geez when is the season going to start. the last week spring is always fun. we are excited for the first couple games. the manager lead the team on to the golf course. adam jones making a fashion statement with his socks. the os play the twins in sarasota, saturday. spring training baseball in arizona. no sun plenty of snow. this is an aerial view in
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scottsdale, shared by the diamond backs and rockies. it postponed the opening round of match play golf near tucson. baseball teams migrate west and south for warmer climates in college lacrosse the season starts in february, and it is cold here in baltimore. the teams and fans are tough. 15 degrees wind chill tonight at towson university. national champion greyhounds in green. senior mike sawyer, charge from the outside nets one of his four goals. the hounds improved 2 and 0 towson is 0 and 3. college basketball, big night for cj fair. helped beat 8th ranked sir cute. he scored 20 had -- syracuse, he scored 20 had 10 rebounds. nascar racing season starts sunday at daytona.
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danika patrick the top qualifier. patrick, fourth fastest in the field this afternoon she has the pole position for sunday's 500-miler the rest of the starting grid to be determined tomorrow. as they have been saying you go girl. >> you bet you go girl. >> see how she land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread?
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he makes. we will
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